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I give dairy owners, managers, and sharemilkers the knowledge and tools they need to better understand the production system to maximize pasture growth and quality, cow performance, and MS production. I also mentor so that management is able to utilise the tools themselves.


I will:

  • Benchmark the farming operation - where the farm is now

  • Identify goals and production aspirations

  • Evaluate pastures and identify issues limiting production

  • Quantify and cost the specific nutrients required to grow the pasture required

  • Maximise pasture production by manipulating the natural pasture growth curve

  • Put in place a fertilizer recommendation, including products, quantities, timing, expected c/kg DM return

  • Put in place and teach how to use a computer-based pasture management programme (predicted wedges, rotation planner, growth rates, paddock yields, annual yields)

  • Put in place and teach how to use a computer-based feed budget and winter feed budget

  • Identify crops to complement pasture quantity and quality to maximise MS production - fertilizers to maximise crop yield

  • Put in place the cow management to maximise Ms production and fertility rates

  • Monitor progress

  • Teach and equip farmers to recognise and understand why things happen (feed deficits, feed quality) and how things interact (soils, fertilizer, pasture production and quality, cow nutrition, etc.) so they are equipped to make their own decisions

  • Equip farmers to be able to see looming feed deficits/surpluses while there is time to manage the situation and protect feed supply, pasture quality, and MS production

  • Teach management how to arrive at and set the critical APC benchmarks through the season to suit each farm's unique situation (SR, calving date and spread, location) and how to manipulate the resources available to meet the benchmarks

  • Provide advice that will significantly improve your business.  If you wish, I will also provide detailed reports.  

What do I expect from you?

  • You will need to help me understand your current situation and your goals

  • To work as a team and implement the agreed strategies and management


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